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Best Dog Playpen For Sale

Best Dog Playpen For Sale

Since pets like cats and dogs were domesticated, people have taken great joy in having pets as companions to play with, cuddle, run, and sometimes accidentally share a snack with. Pets also require a little responsibility and sometimes need to be kept safe or otherwise fenced off.

Dog playpens help to keep your dog from getting out. They also keep other animals and kids from getting in. They can be made for both indoor and outdoor use depending on the time of year and your needs. This review introduces you to a couple of the better dog playpens we found.

Portable Foldable 600D Oxford Pet Playpen

The 57” Portable Foldable 600D Oxford Cloth & Mesh Pet Playpen Fence with Eight Panels Blue is a budget-friendly option.

Portable and Durable

The foldable playpen weighs just a few pounds and is highly portable with the ability to fold up to fit into the closer or the trunk of your vehicle. The frame is also strong enough to keep your dog in and other animals out. Whether you simply want a dog playpen that easily packs up inside your house, or you like to bring your pet with you but let not it wander in someone else’s house, this one is a great option.

Indoor & Outdoor

This is one of the best dog playpens for hardwood floors and carpet with soft bottoms to keep the playpen from scratching or scuffing surfaces or tearing up carpet. You can also wash the playpen when you are done. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, this is an excellent option as a foldable playpen for dogs as it provides enough space for a small dog to run around.

Healthy & Safe

This playpen also includes mesh inserts for all the panels, making it breathable for your pet and sturdy with tough but gentle mesh to provide a view and some airflow.

Dog Playpen Heavy Duty Metal Hammigrid 8 Panel

One of our favorite dog playpens is also the 24″ Dog Pet Playpen Heavy Duty Metal Exercise Fence Hammigrid 8 Panel Silver.

Lots of Space

The Hammigrid is an excellent 8-panel dog playpen that provides plenty of space for multiple small dogs or a medium-sized dog. More than 30 square feet are offered with multiple configurations available. Better yet, you can get more than one and make your space even larger.

Very Durable

This is a heavy-duty dog playpen. The playpen is made of iron wire and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Weighing 35 pounds, it’s also easily possible to take the Hammigrid playpen with you on the go, or to bring it outside. The iron wire is also rust-resistant and welded together for extra strength.

Great for Socializing

With the extra space, your pet can be kept company more easily by the kids or other pets. While some playpens are made for one pet, the square footage provided can allow your dog to play with another animal or person. Bringing your playpen to someone else’s house to socialize while your dogs socialize? The playpen also folds for easy storage.

Dog Playpens: A Complete Buying Guide

Height and Size

Your playpen needs enough size to accommodate your pet comfortable while also making getting out difficult. Watch how high your dog can jump while running to see just how high your dog playpen needs to go to keep your pet contained. The last thing you want to have happened is to bring your playpen outside and have your dog jump clear over the fence and run away.

Easy to Setup

Ease of use is critical when wanting to use any product. Does your playpen need screws and a manual each time it’s setup? You will probably hesitate to use it. Read reviews about the ease of use. A playpen shouldn’t require more than a couple of steps for preparation. Both metal and mesh playpens tend to be easy to set up and fold-out. The packaging or website also often shows information about the unpacking process.


A puppy may attempt to chew its way out of the playpen. The playpen needs to be able to handle claws and teeth, otherwise, holes can form and make it easier for the dog to get out, or let something unwelcome in. Your dog will grow and have a stronger bite and claws. Be sure your playpen keeps up with your dog’s abilities.

The playpen may also make an impact on children who want to play with pets. Both sides of the playpen need to be durable enough to withstand the pushing and kicking off little hands and feet.

Portable and Storage

Space is a big consideration. When not in use, your dog playpen needs to take as little space as possible or at least fold in a way that makes it easy to store somewhere. Consider the amount of weight you want to or can carry, and where you intend to store your playpen before purchasing.

Versatile Indoors and Outdoors

When you don’t want to leash your dog, but you also don’t want it to run away, a dog playpen that can withstand potential weather elements is also very important. You may want to keep your dog in the playpen while watching the kids or gardening, and not worry about the playpen rusting or being easily escapable through the bottom.

The Best Portable Dog Playpen: Final Thoughts

While many options are available for dog playpens, the mesh playpen and the Hammgrid are among your best possible with their combination of durability, size, and portability. You need the right combination for your residence, uses, and pet, and both provide an excellent combination of all.

Keeping your pet contained may have been a challenge before, but with either dog playpen, your pet will be safe while you either tend to other things or let them socialize with other dogs without running around too much. We hope this review has offered you some insight into what to look for in a portable dog playpen. we have a cheap price than Amazon and Walmart.